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Monday, June 20, 2005

Mystery Solved

This past week I have been completely down and out of it. I was extremely sleepy and practically in a daze at times. In fact, as I type this I just want to lay down my head and nap. Well it seems as the prescription Zyrtec I'm taking is rearing it's ugly side effect head and causing drowsiness. This may not seem odd because of the fact that it is an allergy medicine, and is an antihistamine which is notorious for causing drowsiness, but I have been taking Zyrtec every allergy season for the past four years now. I cannot ever recall feeling this way or sleepy unless I just always uncorrelated the two. Zyrtec works great for putting away the allergy symptoms. It also worked a lot better than the over-the-counter Claritin stuff. So for now I'll try taking it just before bed instead of in the morning to see how that works out.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

This is the creepiest scariest thing I have seen

It's a neat little interactive stop animation Quicktime movie of a doll that you can play with. Let the whole movie load and then click on glowing objects in the doll's room to have her play with them. Reminiscent of Choose Your Own Adventure?

Monday, June 13, 2005

I'm back, and most of my laundry is done

This past weekend I finally got everything (almost) unpacked and washed all that dirty laundry. It was great to think about nothing and relax in beautiful and warm Alaska. Yes warm. The weather in the southern reaches were great and even at times, 'hot.' Unfortunately I still do not own a digital camera so I am depending on my sisters to send me pictures. Likely my mother has already forgotten how to put them on her computer, let alone send them to me, Rachel will likely forget or just not get to it, and Rebecca doesn't really have a computer to load them to. But if they do arrive I'll select a few to post, unless the time in between has just been too great.

I also read a little bit. Mostly on the plane, but also on the cruise ship's library where Rebecca and I often sat in "our favorite seats." Sophie's World starts off interesting enough, but eventually just turns into another text book about the history of philosophy while trying to hide behind the ruse of being a novel. I'll probably finish but while reading something else as well. On the return flight I read in its entirety, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom. So it only had a short lifetime on my bookshelf. Great little novel, around 120 pages. Brought up some interesting concepts like living forever through restored memories and a reputation based economics. If you're interested in reading this free downloads are available in all sorts of formats on Now I've begun Perdido Street Station and it's world has already begun to capture.

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