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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

A look back
Now I'm not going to restate or overturn everything that I said earlier about the Pacer-Piston fight. I clearly said everything in the heat of the moment. There is clear video showing that Artest went after the wrong guy. The only thing is whether he realized that are not. Artest is clearly an idiot and hopefully will take some of the time off to figure out what he needs. Here's that time to finish your album, punk. There should have been cool heads on the court and everyone knows Artest is a hot head. A couple of fans are going to get nice settlements. That's what is nice about video and why sentences should be given when as many of the facts are on the table. That's probably why everyone loves instant replay so much. I still have a strong anger towards the rest of the fans though. The ones on the court and the ones throwing more cups and ice on the players and coaches as they were leaving. They made the court an unbearable place to be. They had mob mentality and figured "no one can single me out if everyone is doing it." Makes it a really scary place. I hope the NBA decides to punish the Detroit fans which unfortunately means punishing the Piston organization but just as a precedent and example was made of the players the same needs to be said for the fans. This was a one time incident and should remain that way.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Have you ever tried shopping with your pupils dilated?
Well it's near impossible. I was at Costco getting an eye exam with a plan to shop afterwards. Well the doctor dilate my pupils which made trying to see anything within two feet really difficult. Everything was all blurry. And the closer I brought it to my eyes the blurrier it got. Insane! I don't think I've ever had them dilated before. It was also really difficult just to put them in. Have you ever looked at your eyes after dilation? It's pretty freaky. I was all "I'm Mr. Burns, "I bring you peace.'" I've been put in charge of the spread at Thanksgiving dinner which I'm quite proud of. I'm going to have creamy and crispy crackers, gourmet cheeses, and delectable meats. So I needed to see up close to know what kind of cheese I was buying. Anyway, I spent an hour walking around until I could kind of read labels and then eventually I could see just enough to write a check. The drive home wasn't much fun either, I couldn't read the speedometer.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Absolutely Disgraceful
I have just witnessed one of the worst things ever in the history of sports, at least in my lifetime. This is the worst display of fans in the world and I will forever despise the Detroit Pistons fans. Completely unprovoked they decided to throw drinks on the Pacers. You're hearing it here first.

It began with what Ben Wallace took as a hard foul on Ron Artest and proceeded to immediately shove Artest in the neck. Surprisingly Artest stayed relatively calm as a semi scuffle broke out. Stephen Jackson for the Pacers was livid but the coaches and officials kept everything together. But insanity would soon break loose. Artest was laying on the scorers table to stay out of trouble when a fan threw water and a glass of beer on him. Artest knew exactly who it was and committed the sin of sports, he went into the stands. Now I know this is wrong and he will most suredly face a long suspension but these fans were just awful. Several more players followed into the stands and a brawl broke out in the seats. The worst part is that when they got the players back onto the court the fans threw tons of drinks, water, and ice on the Pacers as they were leaving the court. Unspeakable and cowardly. So they were a little upset that they were beat in the game but it was horrendous. They had to call the game early with 45 seconds left for the safety of the players.

There are lots of instances of fans becoming involved with the game, most recently baseball and the umpire attacks. And this isn't the first time we've see fans throw things onto the playing field. But here's the difference. In know sport are the fans so close to the action. In hockey they're close and plenty is thrown on the ice, yet there is glass between them and the action. In basketball there are no barriers and they even have advantageous highground close action over the locker room entrances. This is where most of the damage took place. As the players and coaches left they just poured it on and when I say pour, I mean it. Makes me wonder why the fans had so much of their drinks left because they were certainly acting like a bunch of drunk hooligans.

I'm no expert but I expect to hear about this incident for weeks to come. It all kind of compounds why I really don't like the NBA. It's only chance that I happened to catch this game. All I can say is I'm glad most fans in all sports have a sense of restraint but I'm sorry to say that not in Motown.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Fun little weekend
My cousins were in town this weekend which provided for much fun and excitement. Unfortunately I had an exam today so I really didn't have much time for study but I take the fun over it any day. Especially for this class which I am the most comfortable in. So I spent all of Saturday at Disney World. First time since I've been here. It was nice to spend Disney magic with people I have never spent it with before.

On Sunday I took my cousin Seth to the east coast to see the ocean from Florida beaches. We went down to Cocoa beach and I must say that the sand at Playa Linda is a hell of a lot nicer. We also checked out the giant well known Ron Jon's Surf Shop where I got some new sandals. Plus since we ate lunch at Dixie Crossroads we got 15% off. After a ton of driving I finally got home and did some studying but wasn't all that successful. I was exhausted and called it an early night.

It didn't matter. I feel great about the test. I spent most of the day studying and from my experiences and enlightening through the UA optical system I knew exactly how to go about preparation and I spanked that test. If only I could do the same for the others.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

A very good Veteran's day
It all started with a good cardio bike riding workout this morning. It's been rainy and misty all day. I've gotten my apartment all cleaned up (mostly) and getting a ton of laundry done. I've also paid all my bills and put them out in the mail. Nothing like a rainy day and a day off from classes. I also love driving in the rain. What's really cool is that when I drive in my car in a fine misty rain all the droplets collect on my windshield and fly upwards. My new windshield washer fluid puts a thin protective film on the glass that causes the water to bead up making it a lot easier to see through and wipe off. But if I don't wipe it off they all start gliding up the windshield. Very fun to watch. I'm also going out to dinner later tonight with friends and then getting together with my new girls to watch the OC.

Well enough randomness, thanks Veterans!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The first day of a new beginning
I went to the gym this morning. It's been over a year since I've been and with the new re-opening of the rec center here I thought it was time again to go. Since it had been so long I began my old beginners workout, thanks Shane. And I found a partner cause I know how much that helps form two summers ago, thanks Bryan. Well things feel good and it was very difficult to get up early in the morning. To compensate I tried to go to bed early but that didn't work too well either. I guess it will all take some adjusting.

Once again I'm pounding home that you all need to download Firefox, it's the browser you should be using. Almost all my friends are using it and that's great. Spread the word to others. It's spreading like crazy and even bogged down Mozilla yesterday, but things should be fine today. IE is the devil.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Suns Roll
Anyone who knows me knows that basketball is one of my least liked big sports, especially the NBA.

Anyone who really knows me knows that the only NBA team I have ever really liked is the Phoenix Suns. They won another convincing game and I'm really excited about this season. They have a legitimate chance to win their division and at the least entertain the entire NBA audience. I'll do my best to watch and follow them but I'm living in a pretty ecstatic Magic nation right now.

You may also notice a new link in the blog chain and it should be interesting read from one the loudest mouths in sports.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Marry An American
My sister pointed this out to me and I think it's pretty funny.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I'm feeling better now
I think I just needed a nap.
Why is this happening
Man a lot of crap has happened.
That's all I have time to say right now.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I'm in pain
I'm probably going to need to go to the doctor. For about a week now my left arm has hurt at the shoulder when ever I lift my arm away from my side. The really weird thing is that every morning when I wake up it's fine but as the day goes on it gets a lot worse. So bad that right around 10 it can even hurt to move or use my arm and hand (yes it can even hurt to type this). It's not unbearable but when I go to bed it can throb. I've tried icing and heating to relieve the aching and taking medicine to reduce possible inflammation. But nothing seems to work. I don't know how it got this way but it sure is pissing me off.

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