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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Nights out on the town
Recently I've been going out more. The past few weekends I've made it downtown and checked out the sights. Two weekends in a row I've to the improv to check out some comedians. Both Tammy Pescatelli and Gary Valentine were pretty good but man some of the lead-ins sure do suck. After Valentine's show, due to Troy's persistence we went to a coffee house that looked interesting with original art in the windows. It just so happened that Sunday night was open-mike night. Turns out most of the readings and solo performances were great although the coffee wasn't. This carried over into Tuesday night when we all went to the A.K.A Lounge to check out another open-mike night. This was certainly not as laid back as the coffee house and only featured musical performances but some were superior. There was one duo that featured a guitar player that really had some skills and they just jammed freestyle. Unfortunately the sound mixing wasn't great for some performers and their acts were probably not what they should've sounded like. The venue just produced loud boomy productions and this only suited some of the performers.

I've also made it to Winter Park's downtown area, better known as Park Ave. A week ago was a popcorn flick. I'd been trying to go before but everyone always complained that it was too cold. See, the popcorn flick is a free movie that is put on by the Enzian and then shown at Central Park in Winter Park. It's always a classic and there's always plenty of free popcorn. Just come prepared with a blanket and lawn chairs would definitely be a luxury. Last week was High Noon and the next one is Grease; classics.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Sundance Festival
Now I've never been to a film festival mostly because I'm nowhere near any of them and also because you're never really sure on the quality. But Sundance is a major one and its premiere day was just yesterday. Imdb is doing a quick Sundance guide complete with a daily blog of the hits and misses and what is the good stuff coming out this year. I'll pay attention to find out what will be the Garden States and Napoleon Dynamites of this year because I just loved those.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

I just typed a significantly long post and it was deleted. Damn microsoft internet explorer and it's insane quirks with popups. Perhaps if I feel inclined I'll post it again.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Vagaries and Vibe
I've just returned from my favorite theater after watching a very good French film, A Very Long Engagement. As I exited the theater, there was a very heavy fog all around. Now the theater is set in a secluded area surrounded by trees. One large giant sits directly outside the building with reaching arms and narled scars. The Spanish moss hangs low and drapes the entrance. At the base of the trunk sits a fountain. The water spout sits between three massive sandstones and continuously flows a hypnotic song. Combined with the fountain and fog, the tree creates just one of those moods and settings that inspires stories, poems and song.

Now fog is very cool, yet eery. No matter how well you know where you're going, you feel lost. You can't see what's in front of you nor what lies around the bend. And fog only gets this way at the hint of light, in darkness there is nothing. Driving along to the sounds of Wilco's Spiders, I watched the street lamps hang ominously over the street and their fuzzy glow creates a wave of light that ends suddenly at a wall of darkness. This night has faded out with the fog.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Yesterday was a lot of fun
I went swimming with manatees. That's right, those lovable, friendly, playful yet not too bright cows of the sea. Went with a small group of friends over to Crystal River where it is common to see the manatees congregate. This time I was on a guided tour where they provided the wet suits and we jumped in the water with snorkels and got to actually swim and hang with the manatees. It was really neat and they sure can be playful. One swam directly to me and as I scratched him, he rolled over to get his belly scratched. It was very affordable and other than the lengthy drive there, I'm definitely hoping I can do it again some other time.

Friday, January 07, 2005

It's been a bit too long
Since I haven't been updating I may have a bit to say so bear with but I did notice that people still visit so I owe it to all to post.

Last time I spoke I was off on my way to Phoenix and that is wear my story of the break begins. I was pumped about flying because my mother gave me this little employee coupon that would give me a free 1st class upgrade. I was stoked and even warned the person that would be picking me up at the airport that I may be a little buzzed when I arrive. Things were perfect, I arrived at the gate and they gave me the upgrade. I got to board the plane early and ordered a drink while everyone else were still looking for their seats. It was 8 AM so I wasn't looking for alcohol yet but the guy next to me ordered a cranberry and vodka so I said, "Sounds great, I'll have one too." Little did I know that 30 seconds after I get my vodka with a splash of cranberry they would call out my name and tell me I had to move back to coach because one of the seats was 'inoperable.' I walked by that seat on the way back and all I saw was a sign that said 'inoperable' and nothing wrong with the actual seat. Well the guy next to me put it best, "At least you'll be the only guy back there with a drink."

No that wasn't the only exciting thing that happened over break, but the list is short. Just two days after I got there I went up with Brian, Megan, and friends up to Snowbowl to snowboard. Now I know Snowbowl isn't the best place but it was closest and it's not like I'm an accomplished snowboarder or anything. It was a blast and I found out that I have really improved my skills. I even went up to the black diamonds. Unfortunately the snow was not soft and I got banged up pretty nice, but no lasting injuries or bruises.

The rest of the break was pretty low key. Spent Christmas just with immediate family sans Rebecca. The cousins came the next day but we didn't do much but a little shopping and movie watching. New years was still a little lonely but not anything like last years fiasco plus it included some Texas Hold 'em where I even won a pot. I also made it down to Tucson to catch up with some old professors. I didn't get in touch with every friend but I hit most of them. All in all it was kind of weird to be home for so long. It really told how little I kept in touch with any old highschool friends and how hard it can be to meet up with the old college friends. Here's to new friends and that rare possibility of meeting up with the old homeboys and reliving the good times.

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