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Monday, November 14, 2005

Wow Wowiee

So I'm back. We'll see for how long. I was looking through my post editor and I noticed that I almost made a post on the 16th of September, almost a month ago. But I just saved it as a draft and never finished it. Perhaps I just wanted my bald mug to stay near the top of the page longer. That face isn't much different from the one I made when I found out I passed the qualifier. So it looks like I might be hanging around Orlando for several more years till I get this PhD. Other than that not too much excitement in general except for lots of little things to few to name except I did move to a new house. Not too big, slightly less rent, and great downtown location.

IT'S FINALLY HERE. Perhaps I'm the only one that will get excited about it but just last Tuesday A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin was finally released. I've been waiting for four years for this book to come out. It had been delayed so often all of us fans were beginning to fear the worst. You can see it over on my bookshelf. I had to rush and finish the other two before last week so I could begin with a fresh slate. I don't count Sophie's World cause it's kind of nonfictiony and philosophy so I just kind of look into that now and again. We'll see if I take the time to write little mini-reviews about those books. So far I'm over 100 pages into AFFC. The pacing is a bit slower than the previous A Song of Ice and Fire books, but the fact that it's appeasing my buildup makes me happy.

Overall I'm a lot busier so reading time is at a premium. I watch less television and movies these days. I go to the gym every morning. I also need to work more at school because apparently I'm not doing enough, I may share that later.

I hope my proof of life is exciting enough and that my life changes will start to include this poor neglected blog.


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