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Friday, July 30, 2004

Drink John's Alcohol Party
That's right, today is the day. It is being held in Tempe and isn't exactly a party just for me. It is actually a goodbye bon voyage party. Since everyone is leaving there will be a party to celebrate friendships and give a final chance to say goodbye. And what better way to celebrate than with drinking. Now over the years I've bought a decent amount of alcohol and sure enough, I didn't drink. I don't really want to take it with me and have a chance that it might break so I needed to have a party where everyone can help me finish it off. Thus I'm bringing all my bottles of hard alcohol to the party. Once again if you want more details give me a call or email or comment before 8 or so.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

France: Part 2
It's been awhile, but I'm sure there's a few more that care to know the rest of what happened.

Before heading to northern France we went to Chateau de Sedan. Now this chateau isn't like Versailles, this actually a castle not just some big palace. It was pretty cool and is supposedly the largest in all of France or even Europe.

When we finally left Karine's hometown the next day we headed back to Reims. We went shopping that day so not to exciting but the next day, we went to Notre Dame. That's right the Notre Dame in Reims. It seems that any town or city in France has an impressive and big cathedral. We actually went on the roof tour. Pretty neat except for the 250 spiral stair climb, that's never much fun. Afterwards we went on a tour of Champagne cellars. Reims is located in the Champagne region of France and is a big part of real champagne. Afterwards we got a free glass, good deal except I don't really care for champagne so I passed it on. Later that afternoon Karine's mom headed back to her place and the rest of us went to a movie, Fahrenheit 9/11. My parents even went along, not sure why. They are Bush supporters and I'm pretty sure they didn't know what it was about going in. I'm guessing that they had a big shock.

The next day we started traveling by train all over northern France. First we went to Mont Saint Michel. It's a really cool castle looking abbey that sits on an island. I suggest all to look it up. Lot's of the gift shops had fantasy theamed art and figurines. We ate at a fancy French restaurant where I handled the food the best and tasted my first rabbit. Mmm yummy. Other than the crappy, loud hotel we stayed in that night it was an all around good stop.

The next big thing was our tour of the American Normandy beaches, Omaha and Utah. So cool. I realized how very little I know about D-Day and the actual second world war. In school all the focus is basically on the concentration camps and then the nuclear bomb. They never actually teach about the battles or the resolution. After several museums I have thoroughly decided that I must see Saving Private Ryan again and The Longest Day.

Pretty much after all that we were done and spent it all traveling back to Reims and the relaxing and resting up for the trip home. Whew, a tiring trip but worth it and lots of fun.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

The next morning
Last night I got back from France at around 9:30 so that means this morning I'm up at 6. That's right, no sleep and I feel great. It's that weird cross country flying thing. Last time it happened my two sisters were up early as well and it was like Christmas. Getting up early and exchanging gifts.

Anyway, instead of getting all caught up with the rest of the trip I shall begin with an overview of what I am doing today. I have a lot to do before moving and today is jam packed. First car appointment. Long overdue for oil change. I probably voided the warranty after driving it to Cali but I'm just about used it up with my miles anyway. I'm getting a trip check even though I'm not driving it to Florida but rather pulling it behind a U-Haul but a good idea to get a checkup.

Speaking of checkup, I'm getting one too. First I'll have my mouth raped by the dentist. It's a new one so it may be better then last time. Every time I leave the dentist my mouth is all raw and sore, I have a bad taste, and lot's of regret. Sounds like getting raped. After that I'm off to the doctor for a physical. It will probably be thorough and I haven't been in a while and I'm going off somewhere new. I expect to be poked and prodded all over. So that's violation number two.

Later tonight I hope to connect with a lot of people and set myself up for the next to weeks before I move. I need to see a lot of people. I hope to see Greg before he takes off for Seattle on Monday and see Catharyn to. I need to call Amanda to hang out with her. Even more people in Tucson like spending a final game night. And of course a big bash with Brian and Megan and all the ASU friends. It's going to be a Drink John's Alcohol party because I don't need to take it to Florida and I rarely drank it. Since you thought it was such a great idea David, you are invited but it will be here in AZ. In fact anybody who knows me is invited.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Fortune smiles my way
I finally got onto Karine's computer and I'll start by saying the keyboard is a little off. Only the a,z,w, and m are moved but enough to mess with my head and the punctuation is all off so please excuse any typos. I hate having to press shift for the period.

All of Monday was spent on planes and at airports. We had a six hour layover at Gatwick where we also found out that our bags were lost or rather never made the trip to England and that they should arrive the next day. By then it was already Tuesday. British Air was nice other than the bag thing and is definitely the nicest I've flown internationally. They had around ten options in movies all at your choice on you personal screen in front of you. Very nice but unfortunately there was no air control and at times the flight became hot and sweaty. Definitely not great when you later learn you will have to wear the same clothes for the next three days.

The next morning Karine and her mother arrived early and we went to the Eiffel tower. Unfortunately a downpour began and we were soaked. Once again no dry clothes back at the hotel. We took a boat tour and checked out the Arc de Triumph and went back to the hotel with good news. A bag was arriving that night, unfortunately only one bag. Of course it was mine, oh joy. The rest of my family had to wait a whole other day. Basically in Paris we went to see all of the big stuff, all stuff I had seen before so not to exciting.

On Friday we took a train to Reims, the town where Karine stays and then drove on to her home town village. It's been very cold and rains 75 percent of the time. Yesterday I caught a French wedding. Very interesting and very different. Later that night I went with Karine and my sister to a little fair to drink and dance and I think I caught a cold. So all of today I've felt sick, tired, cold and drained which is unfortunate since it was a big family gathering and feast. I feel bad that I was dumpy and had to leave a little early. It was also hard since I don't speak or understand a bit of French. More excitement should be in the future as well as full insight on my opinions at the end. I hope a nice rest tonight will fix everything and I'll feel better tomorrow.

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Monday, July 05, 2004

Wild and Crazy
So last night, I guess Saturday night, was the big wedding. Everything went well. My speech was a hit and received several compliments, whether they were genuine or not. The only bad part was there was about an hour of pictures at four different locations. Unheard of and unnecessary.

But what's so crazy is that I became rather wild at the reception and starting cutting up the dance floor. Anybody who knows me knows that I don't really dance so consider this a rare occurrence. Let's just say that weddings are of course a great place to meet women and to do so you must dance. I spent most of the night dancing with one particular gal. She was extremely drunk but hey, that's all the fun. And I just couldn't keep all of the women off. They were all over me. The strange part is that I did all this completely sober, without the influence of alcohol. I also went back to a hotel room with a few people to party a little longer but she just passed out. Oh well. I of course exchanged a few numbers but of course I'm taking off to France Monday morning and then will only be in town for two weeks before taking off for Florida. It would have been fun to go out with some girls, or perhaps just the one (wink wink) but it is not to be. I'll try to update at anytime how the France trip goes but I don't I'll have a chance at any time so I'll keep a little journal and update at the end. Should be a lot of fun and can't wait to see Karine.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Best Man
Well the wedding is tomorrow and I still don't have a best man speech but I think I know the jist. I was hoping to put down on here and have people look at it but I didn't get it up soon enough. Not many people visit here to read it anyway. I think it will sound like this

I'm John and I've known Brian
as a best friend for a long time.
We met just before kindergarten and,
now have spent a lot of time together growing up.
From mock fighting as our favorite Ninja Turtles,
to hiding under the covers playing Gameboy with
a flashlight when we should be going to sleep,
to going to Diamondbacks games together.
He's really been a brother to me.
When he met Megan we had already decided on separate colleges
and I unfortunately didn't get to seem them together that much,
but Megan immediately accepted me as a friend.
When Brian was in Carolina and
I was visiting Tempe for the weekend
Megan would immediately include me in her plans to hang out.
Sure it normally ended up being Girls night out
plus me but it was still a lot of fun.
You need only to look into their eyes to see
the love between these two.
So here's to Brian and Megan and a marriage for many many years. Congratulations

I think I've got enough story but I think I want a little more about the two of them together and a little more mushy stuff. I don't want it to get too long though. And I guess it's proper ettiquite to thank whoever foot the bill. Actually I found some checklist of things to include online and apparently I'm also supposed to be master of ceremonies or something. Oops, I guess there's a lot for me to do.

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