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Friday, April 22, 2005

Remove the caffeine

I have averaged a caffeinated drink each day this week. Most likely because I have been working on some sort of project all week and I love that caffeine. I even had a jumpstart with an Adrenaline Rush Wednesday night. Anyway I need to remove all that caffeine from my diet and lay off the soda again. One week out of 52 can't be bad, right?


So I'm back. Yesterday was that big day when everything was due. I wasn't to happy with my presentation. I would have liked it to go better and there were some points I forgot to talk about. I nearly pulled an all-nighter Wednesday night to finish my laser design project. Among the other many things I have going on I also had to spend some time in the lab to try to get so good results for a progress meeting, so that also extended my night into the wee morning hours. I'm actually pretty happy with the laser I designed. It's an ArF excimer for LASIK surgery. Sure it could have been better, but not bad for the few days I had to work on it. All that's left is finals next week. I was really worried about the strange scheduling of finals. I have my first at 7AM on Tuesday and then the following two on Thursday back to back. Here at UCF they give three hour finals so those back to back meant taking finals straight from 1 to 7. Well my laser engineering professor decided to surprise us with a take home final due on Monday. On one hand I'm sad that my weekend disappeared, yet now I only have one final on Thursday and I'll have two knocked off by Wednesday. Plus the take home will interfere with studying for Tuesday's final, which I must do well on.

Other stuff is bound to happen, bizarre and strange incidents, and momentary lapses in time. For example like last night.. but that's for later.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

I am not dead

Despite my lack of presence and though my previous post may lead to certain conclusions, I am not dead. First I thank all those who have continued to check in to see if there are new posts only to leave frustrated and questioning, "What's up with John?" Well these past few weeks have been tough, and while I did have time to post, I just didn't. It's the end of the semester here with finals just two weeks away. I know, they're very early here at UCF. Next week is also jam packed with a homework, presentation, and design project all due. Yes, those assignments all come from the same class. Also for the first time we actually have a deadline on our lab research. We need to have a paper written ready for submission by June 1st. Allowing for about a month to write it we need good data analyzed by the end of May. Unfortunately we're still having trouble getting our setup to give us usable data and I'm really busy and unable to work on it. So in about a couple of weeks my life should be back in order with only about a few things on my agenda. I don't suppose it will be any more exciting but those who want to will know about it anyway.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I think I'm sick

Just thought I'd say that

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